Learn How The Delphi RTL Improves Efficiency With Fewer Lines of Code

Delphi RunTime Library gets enhanced with each new Delphi release, but often these improvements hide behind many flashier features. In this session, you can find out some of these fantastic RTL features. For instance, you have this Delphi code: if value = 0 then Result := 'Zero' else Result := 'Non-Zero'; As you can see this is 4 lines of code. You might have seen that in…
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Easily Build Your Own Cross-Platform Photo Editor App From This RAD Studio Demo Source Code

This sample illustrates how to apply image filters to photos taken with the device camera or loaded from the camera roll, how to save the customized photo to the photo library on the device, and then share it across popular social media platforms. Designed for iOS and Android. Available for: DelphiC++ Builder With this demo application, you can learn: How to get permissionsHow to…
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DelphiRAD Studio

Learn How to Easily Create Ultra-Fast And Responsive Applications Using Delphi

OmniThreadLibrary is a Delphi multithreading library that greatly simplifies multithreading programming for Windows/VCL users. RAD Studio also has it’s own parallel programming library built in called TTask. You can get the amazing multithreading OmniThreadLibrary for Delphi from GetIt Package Manager What can you achieve with the OmniThreadLibrary: High-level…
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