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Extend Cross-Platform FireMonkey With Powerful Kastri Library For Delphi On Android And IOS

Kastri is a Delphi cross-platform add-on library. There are no components to install with Kastri. Simply clone the repo (Fork is a highly recommended Git client) or download/unzip and ensure that your Project (recommended) or IDE paths point to the unit folders. Kastri Is a cross-platform library that builds upon the existing RTL, FMX, and VCL libraries in DelphiSupports several newer…
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Get Your Own Visually Stunning Icon Pack With More Than 64,000 Free Icons

When you start developing applications, you start to think about making a great user experience with a great and stunning user interface. With this Icons8 icon pack, you can get visually stunning icons for free. With more than 64,800 free icons your applications communicate with the user very easily since these icons give meaning to the function that you have built in the…
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Quickly Build Enterprise-Grade Multi-Tier Solutions Using DataSnap In Delphi And C++

Al Mannarino walks you through how to build a DataSnap solutions project using the DataSnap Setup Wizard. Overview Wizards in the DataSnap Server categoryDataSnap WebBroker Application WizardMain components and unitsImplement the DataSnap server functionalityDataSnap ClientsDataSnap Use Cases Mainly Delphi and C++ Builder developers utilize 3 major backend technologies: WebBroker…
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Combine Front End, Back End, And Business Logic In Modern Full-Stack Development With Delphi

Many application developers are building a web version of their services to get more users. For instance, you do not always have the same phone or same laptop to utilize the application, if the application has a web version everything is done. In this webinar, you can see what is new with TMS Software and how you can use their full range of components to modernize your Windows 10…
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