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Powerful Chromium Based WebView Component To Host Web Content In Your Delphi/C++ Builder FireMonkey Apps

Intro RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney brings support for working with web content through the Chromium-based Edge WebView2 browser control in VCL applications via the new TEdgeBrowser component. Embarcadero DocWiki But, this is for only the VCL applications currently. So, what if you want to utilize this feature in your FireMonkey application?! Problem solved! We have the WebView for FireMonkey…
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Learn C++ Event Handling In 5 Minutes

In this short tutorial, C++ Product Manager, David Millington, explains what event handlers are and how to use them in your C++ application development. Overview The event is that something happens, such as a button being clickedEvent handler – a method that’s called when something happens so your code can respond to itTechnical details: an object-method pointer…
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Learn How To Modernize And Integrate WinAPI, COM, ShellAPI, And WinRT Into Your Windows VCL Applications

In this webinar, learn how to access all the APIs on Windows 10 from RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder. Overview Traditional Core APIsShell IntegrationWinRTand more Windows API Evolution Over Time Classic API1985 (Win1)Win16 -> Win32 -> Win32(w/Unicode) -> Win64COM, OLE Automation, Shell, etc1995 (Win95)WinRT2012 (Win8) Classic Windows API Kernel, User, GDIDelphi…
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