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Learn How To Use WinRT In Your Native Windows Delphi And C++ Builder Apps

WinRT is the latest application architecture from Microsoft for Windows 10 and components development. This webinar will show you how to take advantage of the new WinRT APIs and components in your Delphi and C++Builder applications.

WinRT is a modern C++17 language projection for WinRT and it’s implemented entirely in header files. This leads to great performance, both in time and space, typically performing better and producing smaller binaries than any other language option for the Windows Runtime. In one sentence, WinRT is for the new world.



  • The Windows architecture strategy
  • What is WinRT?
  • Why should we care about it?
  • WinRT/UWP vs Win32 vs COM vs .NET
  • The Ever Moving Strategy with Windows
  • WinRT Components in RAD Studio
  • Q&A

Windows Runtime 

  • Combine what’s great in COM and .NET
    • Binary interface for language interoperability
    • Metadata management is similar to .NET
  • New COM as a natural part of all languages/platforms
    • .NET, C++, JavaScript, Delphi and C++ Builder
  • Build a new class library on the new runtime
    • Cleanup the library compared to .NET
  • Do not enforce managed code

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