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Extend Cross-Platform FireMonkey With Powerful Kastri Library For Delphi On Android And iOS


Kastri is a cross-platform add-on library for Delphi. With Kastri, there are no components to install. Simply, clone the repo (Fork is a highly recommended Git client), or download/unzip and ensure that your Project (recommended) or IDE paths point to the folders of the units that you use.



  • Is a cross-platform library which builds upon the existing RTL, FMX, and VCL libraries in Delphi
  • Supports several newer APIs that you won’t find in FMX/RTL and “backfills” for missing APIs
  • Is structured in a way to avoid creating unnecessary dependencies
  • Follows strict coding standards to ensure consistency and readability
  • Is kept as simple as practicable

What can I get from this library?

  • Android Start At Boot
  • Camera
  • Connectivity
  • Apple Sign In
  • Cross-Platform Location
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • NFC
  • Speech Recognition
  • and lots of things

Be sure to check out the Kastri library for cross-platform Delphi FireMonkey here!

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