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Learn Advanced FireMonkey Development For Building Visually Stunning GUIs On Linux

Jim McKeeth, Ian Barker, and Frank Lauter discuss the benefits of FireMonkey on Linux and all the exciting things FMXLinux can do for your projects in this CodeRage session.

FireMonkey for Linux, also known as FMXLinux, is an add-on component that is made available to Delphi and RAD Studio Enterprise and Architect edition customers through an exclusive OEM agreement with FMXLinux.

FMXLinux provides capabilities for building GUI applications for Linux, extending RAD Studio’s (Delphi Edition) FireMonkey cross-platform framework.

Starting with 10.3.1, the FireMonkey for Linux (FMX) client add-on is available for Delphi and RAD Studio Enterprise customers that are current on Update Subscription via the RAD Studio GetIt Package Manager in the IDE.

Features of the FMXLinux:

  • Create GUI applications for Linux
  • Create Server Applications
  • Ready to use interface styles
  • Utilize the best components from FireMonkey
  • Ability to use LiveBindings easily
  • WebKitGTK support to run an FMXLinux application as an HTML5 web application in the browser

Be sure to check out the whole CodeRage session to see a complex application in action.

Head over and find out more about the FMXLinux download in Embarcadero GetIt and then download it via the IDE.

Looking for great GUI components and styles for App template profiles in the FMX Framework? Try the IDE software, which simplifies your design and allows you to take advantage of the infinite design possibilities.

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