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Learn How To Use Delphi For Mobile And Database Development In This Bootcamp

In this webinar, you can learn about mobile and database development with Delphi. This webinar can be a quick start for new learners.


  • Introduction to mobile platforms
  • Prototyping mobile apps on Windows
  • Using platform services
  • Conditional defines & the mobile compilers
  • Understanding ARC memory management
  • Deployment manager
  • Introduction to FireDAC
  • Using embedded databases
  • Using REST Client Services

To follow this webinar demos you can use Delphi Community Edition which offers you to create cross-platform apps.

You can learn how to design your mobile applications with Delphi, for instance, how to create a multi-resolution bitmap to make your app look great. To deal with all the different screen densities, you can utilize MultiResBitmap Editor. Be sure to learn about this editor to be more productive with RAD tools!

Platform and Sensor Components

  • Common Sensors:
    • TLocationSensor (GPS)
    • TMotionSensor (Accelerometer)
    • TOrientationSensor (Gyroscope & Compass)
    • TSensorManager to access all sensors & data
  • TNotificationCenter for scheduling notifications
  • TCameraComponent access the camera
  • TMediaPlayer record audio, play audio and video
  • TGestureManager for interactive gestures
  • TStyleBook for custom and premium styles

Be sure to watch the whole session to get more information about Delphi mobile development!

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