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Quick And Easy Way To Integrate Firebase Into Your Delphi Apps

integrate firebase into your delphi applications

The Google Firebase Cloud Database is used in many mobile and web applications worldwide and there are well-documented libraries for many languages and platforms. For Delphi, the cross-platform library FB4D supports the Firebase Realtime Database, the Firestore Database, the Firebase Storage (for file storage), and Firebase Functions (for calling server functions). For authentication, FB4D currently supports email/password authentication and anonymous login.

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The library builds on the Firebase REST-API and provides all functionality with synchronous and asynchronous methods for the usage within GUI application, services, and background threads. Both frameworks VCL and Firemonkey are supported. The library is a pure source code library and relies on class interfaces. For clean and short application code it supports fluent interface design.

Supported Platforms

FB4D is developed in pure object pascal and can be used with Firemonkey on all supported platforms. The library and its sample projects are currently tested with Win64/Win32, Mac64/32, Linux64 by using FMXLinux, iOS64, and Android. (Hint to mobile platforms: The TokenJWT to perform the token verification requires the installation of the OpenSSL libraries). For more information about using OpenSSL see the installation of OpenSSL

You can download and install FB4D cross-platform library from GetIt easily!

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Head over and find out more information about FB4D in GetIt and then download it in the IDE.

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