Buster's Introduction

Hello, world. I’m Buster (Adam Leone), a new member of the Embarcadero team as a software development intern. I’m primarily working with Jim McKeeth and will be focused on refreshing my stale college-era programming skills, learning the range of Embarcadero tools, and pivoting my military project management experience into the tech world. Expect to see me periodically blogging about…
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RAD Studio with Delphi - The Original Low Code!

These days low-code development is en vogue. Various research groups, such as Gartner, put the low-code application development platform market at ~$10M billion in 2019 and project CAGR to be greater than 20% from 2020 to 2027. In contrast, the market for developer tools has…

Learn To Build Multi-Screen FMX Application Quickly With TLayout Component

Most of the time when developing multi-device applications we developers may need to create screens on top of another( e.g., Dialogs). Thinking? we have built-in dialogs to do that Job, then why this post? These dialogs are for showing standard messages with standard controls and don’t help to organize multiple graphical controls under the same parent. To give a better user experience, we…
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