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Add Instant Joystick Support Using The Winsoft Controller Library In Delphi on Windows

Winsoft’s Controller is a XInput API controller SDK. XInput a universal joystick controller for Windows 7, 8, 10. In the Windows platform, you can use other joysticks, such as PlayStation Dual-Shock Controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Steam Controller if you don’t have a XBOX joystick controller. Winsoft Controller Installation Installed in less than a…
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Create Striking User Interfaces With C++ Builder For Easier Maintenance

As engineers, we all have to embrace the idea that a well-designed user interface and experience can be the key to the success or failure of our products. In this webinar, Join Mary Kelly shows the requirements for UI design in C++ as well as flexible frameworks that enable developers to easily make updates to multi-device application UIs. C++ UI Considerations: Enforce Consist of…
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Getting Started with Python4Delphi

During part 1 of our webinar last week there were a few questions about installing components and getting started. I made a short video and wanted to provide some details here. SynEdit is an optional library that provides syntax highlighting and proper indention…