Learn How To Create A Delphi FireMonkey Blur Component

In this CodeRage session, you can learn how to create a blur behind the component. Overview Create a small component that blurs whatever is behind itIt uses TControl.PaintTo to render the parent control to an off-screen bitmapFollowed by a GPU accelerated TGaussianBlurEffect to blur part of the bitmapFinally draws the blurred bitmap to the canvas of the control In the video…
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Get Started with InterBase Tablespaces

With every version of InterBase, we introduce new features that make the database experience easier for our users. When InterBase 2020 was released, we added several enhancements and a great new feature called Tablespaces. What is an InterBase Tablespace? A Tablespace is a…
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Updated XML Mapper - MVP Project

Recently we launched a new experiment of opening up some internal projects for MVPs to work on. As opposed to some of our open-source initiatives like Bold, these are still owned by Embarcadero and a primary part of the product. This is something MVPs have requested the option to be in involved in for a while, so it is very exciting to finally say it is in full swing and a success. The first…
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