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Quickly Learn How To Migrate Legacy C++ Builder Applications To The Unicode

In this CodeRage session, you can see how you can migrate your legacy C++ Builder code to new and fresh C++ easily with a strategy. What can you get from this session? Here is the overview:

  • Unicode in C/C++, VCL & WinAPI
  • VCL String Classes
  • Converting text to and from Unicode
  • Load and save Unicode characters to file
  • New C/C++ data types for C-style strings
  • “_TCHAR maps to” option
  • tchar.h

As you know, for the string data type, C++ Builder offers several choices. Your code can use C-style characters and strings or C++ string objects or VCL string objects and, each of these has its own set of Unicode variations also, the Windows API provides both ANSI and Unicode variants. 

You may not have to migrate your to Unicode to use C++ Builder?

  • Code that uses the C runtime library, the STL, or the Windows API (for instance) can continue to use ANSI.
  • Convert to Unicode when passing data to or from the VCL

Moving projects from the previous version

Option 1: Open your project files and project groups in C++ Builder. You just let C++ Builder update the project.

There is another option that the author of this CodeRage session, Al Mannarino, recommends you to not let C++ Builder convert the project to the new version. You need to create a new project and add your source files to it.

Be sure to watch the whole CodeRage session where you can learn more best practices!

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