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Get Started with InterBase Tablespaces

With every version of InterBase, we introduce new features that make the database experience easier for our users. When InterBase 2020 was released, we added several enhancements and a great new feature called Tablespaces.

What is an InterBase Tablespace?

A Tablespace is a type of storage location that is targeted for database objects. It allows you to group together data files in a specific storage space (location) that you choose.  Tablespaces allow for better performance of the database and optimization of the server’s hardware by allowing developers and administrators to have more control over the disk layout.

A few things you should know about Tablespaces

  • The page size of your database is the same page size as your tablespace.
  • The maximum size of IB databases can increase from 32TB to 8160TBs using primary and 254 secondary tablespaces
  • You can use tablespaces to optimize your runtime database performance.
  • Your main database file(s) is/are always the primary tablespace

Setting up your Tablespaces


  1. Create your  tablespace – give it a name and file location
  2. Assign tables to the tablespace – Open the table or index and change the tablespace location
  3. Check that the tables and indexes are listed in your tablespace properties

Check out the video on setting up a tablespace on a table and index in IBConsole

Command Line and ISQL

  1. CREATE TABLESPACE <tablespace name> FILE <‘Path/To/File/Location’>

Note: you can give the tablespace the file extension of  your choosing or not use one at all.

      2. Assign tables and indexes to your tablespace: 

               ALTER TABLE <table_name> [ALTER TABLESPACE {<tablespace_name>} ]

               ALTER INDEX <index_name> <column list> [ALTER TABLESPACE {<tablespace_name>}]

      3. Double-click on the tablespace you created in IBConsole and make sure that the tables and indexes you added are there or using ISQL:

               SHOW TABLES IN TABLESPACE [<tablespace_name>]

               SHOW INDICES IN TABLESPACE [<tablespace_name>]

Want to learn more about tablespaces in InterBase 2020?

Docwiki : Tablespace – InterBase 

InterBase 2020 download : InterBase: Ultra-Fast Embeddable Database

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