Windows 10 CRM VCL Demo In Delphi And C++Builder

The Windows 10 CRM VCL Demo is available with full source code for Delphi 10.4+ and C++Builder 10.4+. The demo features a number of high DPI styles including Windows 10 Slate Gray and Windows 10 Blue. Additionally, it demonstrates the TTitleBarPanel component, multi-monitor support, and per control styling. It is a full working simple CRM with a board for dragging and dropping records between…
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Learn About A Powerful Delphi FireMonkey Deployment Manager Tool

Once you start building FireMonkey projects you might need to add several files or resources to your deployment manager. The DeployMen tool by GRIJJY® helps you add files and resources in bulk for Delphi supported mobile platforms to the Deployment Manager. Folders and subfoldersSpecific configurations Why we need this tool, because when you try to add third party libraries for instance…
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