Comprehensive Music Theory and Ear Training App Built In Delphi

With almost 3,000 lessons created by music teachers for beginners to professional musicians playing any instrument, EarMaster is a comprehensive, consumer-grade app with extraordinary functionality that uses a variety of different technologies. Despite the app’s technologically advanced backend, the EarMaster team worked hard make it as simple and intuitive as possible to use. EarMaster features…
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Learn About Executing Local SQL Queries Within Your Delphi Apps Using FireDAC

The FireDAC.TFDLocalSQL MegaFMX sample is divided in three tabs where each tab demonstrates single Local SQL usage case. Each tab has dedicated SQLite in-memory connection established using theTFDConnectionwith only single parameterDriverID=SQLite. When noDatabaseparameter value is specified then FireDAC SQLite driver opens an in-memory connection. It will be used…
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