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Create Striking User Interfaces With C++ Builder For Easier Maintenance

As engineers, we all have to embrace the idea that a well-designed user interface and experience can be the key to the success or failure of our products.

In this webinar, Join Mary Kelly shows the requirements for UI design in C++ as well as flexible frameworks that enable developers to easily make updates to multi-device application UIs.

C++ UI Considerations:

  • Enforce Consist of Experiences
  • Design with the user in mind
  • Formatting target screens
  • High Resolution
  • Do not create a replica of the desktop to mobile

Moreover, having patterns in your UI development process, you can achieve more easy maintenance user interfaces. For instance, once the user learns how to open a menu and select an item, this experience should be applied to other actions also. Because this helps to improve user experience efficiently.

Desktop developers struggle when they try to make the mobile version of the desktop application. Since in desktop application you can have many components but, this just doesn’t work in mobile apps. You should achieve a good user experience by reducing controls on the screen by dividing it into tabs maybe.

Be sure to watch the whole webinar where you can learn more about how to develop user interfaces! 

You can also watch the full video on YouTube!

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