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Learn How to Deploy Your Delphi Applications To The Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is not just applications or games store. You can buy dozens of devices and available physical stores also. This is an immense market for you! Since you are developing applications with Delphi, you can build and deploy applications to the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, Google Play Store. I think learning about building and deploying APPX bundles with Delphi can be a huge addition to your client user base.

So, in this webinar, you can learn about how to create, build, and deploy your Delphi projects to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store from a Developer’s Perspective

  • Developer account required
    • Individuals: $19
    • Company: $99
    • Registration may take a couple of days.
    • Company accounts should verify their info.

Steps to the Microsoft Store

  • Develop your app with Delphi
  • Create a Developer Account
  • Add a new app in Partner Center
  • Apply provisioning information
  • Install Windows SDK
  • Build your app in Release mode (Target Configuration should be “Application Store”)
  • Upload appx file under Submissions
  • Wait for verification

Be sure to watch the tutorial to grasp enough knowledge of submitting your app to the Microsoft Store. Also, check out these official resources!

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