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Learn To Build Multi-Screen FMX Application Quickly With TLayout Component

Most of the time when developing multi-device applications we developers may need to create screens on top of another( e.g., Dialogs). Thinking? we have built-in dialogs to do that Job, then why this post? These dialogs are for showing standard messages with standard controls and don’t help to organize multiple graphical controls under the same parent. To give a better user experience, we need to have graphic controls on the screens and this use case is common nowadays.

Delphi/C++ Builder has excellent container control, TLayout – A layout is a container for other graphical objects. Use the layouts when you need to organize multiple graphical controls under the same parent.

For instance, you can use these layouts when you need to create rich FireMonkey applications with many graphical controls that are grouped on the same layer. You can set the visibility of all the controls on a layout at once by affecting the visibility of the layout.

How to create such Multi screens with Layouts, Check the below video,

Checkout the DocWiki page for FireMonkey Layout Strategies.

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