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KisKis The Crazy Social Network For Android And iOS In Delphi

KisKis is a mobile social network built in Delphi FireMonkey . Available in both the Android and iOS app stores, it exemplifies what FireMonkey is capable of. KisKis is free to download and use, but they do advertise a premium service. KisKis runs at 60 frames per second on both mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop (Windows, macOS) platforms, even with thousands of profiles loaded. It was named one of Embarcadero’s Cool Apps. You can do more than just swipe left or right; you can also have a video conversation in real-time. Using a remarkable array of features, you decide how and with whom to interact.



Screenshot And Video Gallery


Do you want to launch your own bizarre social network similar to KisKis? Make it happen with the Windows UI Toolkit! It is compatible with both Android and iOS applications.

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