Learn About Using C++ rvalue References In The C++Builder BCC32 Compiler

BCC32, which is the classic C++Builder 32 bit compiler, includes the use of rvalue references, which allow creating a reference to temporaries. Also, rvalue references avoid unnecessary copying and make possible perfect forwarding functions. This feature is one of the C++11 features. Rvalue references are a compound type like standard C++ references, which are referred to as lvalue references.
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Award Winning Native Windows SFTP Client Built With C++Builder And Downloaded 143+ Million Times

WinSCP is a popular award winning native SFTP client, FTP client, and file manager for Microsoft Windows. It has been download over 143 million times and is available in many languages. WinSCP is built with a number of programming languages but C++Builder is the main tool powering it’s graphical user interface. It is a great example of leveraging C++Builder’s fast UI development…
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HeidiSQL Is A Lightweight Open Source Database Management Tool Built In Delphi

Developer Ansgar Becker created HeidiSQL as lightweight open source database management tool which supports MariaDB, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. It makes use of Delphi’s native VCL styles very effectively to provide a nice looking interface which the developer can customize for their preference. Some of it’s powerful features include connecting via SSH tunnel, creating and…
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