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Get Up To Speed FAST On The Delphi Programming Language In An Hour With Delphi Boot Camp!

In this Delphi Boot Camp, you can acquire lots of practice in Delphi programming language.


  • The Basics of Pascal and Delphi Language
  • The Modern Features of Delphi Language
  • Anonymous Methods and Using the Parallel Programming Library

Here are the demos

Readability and Elegance of Delphi language

  • Great human readability, compared to “curly brace languages”
    • Structure: begin-end
    • Operators: and, or, not, mod, div
    • Statements: for I := 0 to 10 do, function, procedure
  • Separation of declarations and definitions within a single file, with interface and implementation section

Units and Namespaces

  • Units define unique namespaces
    • The same symbol can exist in different units
  • Units can have dot notation
    • The unit scope can be used, but it is less efficient
  • Unit enforce visibility constraints
    • Private, protected by default work only across 
  • Units and compilation
    • PAS, DCU, and compilation steps
    • EXE, runtime, and runtime packages

Everything is in a Type

  • A strongly-typed and type safe language
  • Rich base type system
    • Ordinal types
    • True enumerations
    • Sets
    • Ranges
    • Distinct numeric, character, and Boolean types
  • Compiled
    • Heavily focused on compile-time type checks
    • Compile time resolutions for faster execution

Be sure to check out the whole session. You can find more information on Delphi programming language!

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