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Easily Establish an InterBase Temporary Connection Definition at Run-Time With Delphi

The InterBase getting started sample shows how to create a temporary connection definition at run-time with InterBase database. This sample allows the user to do: Temporary connection definition at run-time. Master-details relationship between datasets using TFDQuery. Transactions handling with TFDTransaction. Management of InterBase database such as: managing users, creating…
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Using InterBase Change Views

With Change Views, you have this patented method to work with that is a lot easier to develop and scale for your customer base. Using InterBase Change Views, you can now identify specifically what deltas have changed at the field level. Change views are a subscription based…

Learn How to Utilize User Defined Functions In InterBase Efficiently

UDF is a User Defined Functions in InterBase. They are similar to stored procedures. The difference is that instead of writing stuff in SQL and execute it in the database, we are loading functionality from DLLs. In this CodeRage session, you will learn how to create User Defined Functions in InterBase. Why you should use UDFs? Can perform functions that are not normally…
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Flexible Enterprise-Grade TUsers Security Component for VCL on Windows

TUsers Security Component helps Delphi Developers implementing User Authentication and User Permissions Management quickly in their Desktop Applications. Password protect menus, buttons, actions, dbgrids, datasets, fields and virtually any VCL component, even 3rd-party componentes, like DevExpress and JVCL. The built-in and user-friendly Admistration Module gives you powerfull and easy user rigths…
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