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Importing and exporting data with IBConsole


There are several options available for migrating or importing data with InterBase databases. No matter if you are migrating and need to import data into your new database or exporting your data to use in third party systems. One of those options is IBConsole. IBConsole provides you with an easy to use format for both exporting and importing data into your IB databases.

For this example, we will be using the Employee database for InterBase that is included with your RAD Studio installation.

You can locate the Employee database in IBConsole from: C:UsersPublicDocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio21.0SamplesDataEMPLOYEE.GDB

Importing data

If you’re importing data to a new InterBase database make sure that you have your schema set up. After you have created your table in IBConsole (or other tools that can execute sql statements supporting InterBase databases), then you can import your text, csv, xml or raw IB data into your table.

Exporting data

In some cases, you may need to pull data from your InterBase database for third party reporting or integration with other applications.

Take a look at this video which explains how to use IBConsole to export and import data in InterBase.

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