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InterBase Performance Monitor


As application developers, when there is a problem in our code we use tools to discover where those problem lies. Just like in code, when there is a problem with the database, we need to use specific tools that monitor and tune our databases.  

When you are looking at tools for monitoring database performance, there are a few points that you want the tool to have:

  • Metrics relating to CPU and memory usage 
  • Monitoring of queries and transactions
  • Logging

What InterBase Performance Monitor offers you

Embed. Deploy. Relax. A tagline I use often when it comes to InterBase. InterBase is one of those databases that doesn’t need a lot of hand holding and guidance once it is set up. With self-tuning and self-optimizing properties, it is the database that runs happily in it’s environment.

The Performance Monitor tool in InterBase is a utility that allows you to view detailed statistics about the current performance of the database, memory use, attached users, transactions, etc. or:

  • A summary of database threads, procedures, transactions and memory use.
  • Memory use by graph, pool or heap.
  • A list of all the tables and views in the database.
  • A list of all recent transactions.
  • A list of all recent procedures and triggers.
  • The interbase log file and statistics list.

Take a look at this in depth webinar on using Performance Monitor with InterBase to see how you can manage your database performance.

In conclusion, the use of a tool like Performance monitor gives you useful information about your servers and how each of your databases are doing, refreshing the data regularly, so you can keep up to date and relax. There is nothing to lose by monitoring your database performance, but a lot to gain.

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