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Quickly And Easily Add MAPI Support Using Winsoft's MAPI for Delphi on Windows

Embarcadero Tech Partner WINSOFT provides an easy to use MAPI suite for Delphi. What makes MAPI hard? MAPI is hard. There is lack of clear and consistent coding, different answers provide different solutions, the solution is not in Delphi, there has to be various work-arounds, or the code-snipplet was built for very old non-Unicode version of Delphi. You eventually tear your hair out or get…
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Learn How To Build Responsive Apps Faster Using Delphi Parallel Programming Library

Building Responsive Apps becomes the most essential need for all Modern Desktop, Mobile and Web applications in all platforms to meet the customer needs. Do you want to wow your customers with greater experience for your Delphi/C++ Builder Applications ? Don’t know how to create responsive apps with Parallel Programming Library ? Don’t Worry! This post will guide you to learn about…
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Learn How To Take Your Cross-Platform Development To The Next Level With Delphi FireUI

With the all-new FireUI Multi-Device Designer, design user interfaces across multiple devices using a master form to share all user interface code, then optimize derived views for each target platform and device. The existing native Desktop styles have been extended to cover the same UI elements as mobile styles, providing a 1:1 match with universal styling support across all platforms, giving the…
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Quickly Build C++ Builder Application And Connect To Microsoft Excel Using ADO

Connecting and Read/Write to Microsoft Excel becomes a common need among many Applications. How to do with ADO connection in your C++ Builder Application? This Post guide will you to do that and its very simple steps. Assume you need to create a application, Read data from excel and populate into a Grid, and need to write data to the excel. To do this four components required…
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