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This Week’s New C++ Post Picks From LearnCPlusPlus.org

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Hello C++ Developers.

Every week, we try to add about 8 to15 new and unique C++ posts to LearnCPlusPlus.org and these are mostly educational posts that can be used by a wide range starting from beginners to professional developers. We explain here how to use the powerful Modern C++ language in easy steps. We test examples with the latest RAD Studio, C++ Builder versions (10.4.2) to test modern ways in CLANG C++ Standards. Because of CLANG, most of our posts are compatible with Dev-C++, C++ Builder Community Edition, Visual C++, GNU C+/C++, Objective-C. Some of our posts are specific to VCL and FMX examples in C++ Builder. We are also trying to run old core methods in new modern ways in the latest C++ IDE. We really believe this and everything we do is aimed at giving you a rapid introduction to programming in C++ if you’re a beginner, all the way to the most robust, modern, and latest techniques for those more experienced with the language or for those who are perhaps wanting to expand their knowledge with the most up-to-date features, routines, and methodologies.

Here are our favorite C++ posts of this week

We have new LearnCPlusPlus.org picks for you this week.

  • How To Use The Comprehensive Form Properties In C++ VCL Apps
  • How To Create Gorgeous Transparent App Windows With C++
  • How To Install FastReport Reporting Components For C++
  • How To Harness The Power Of Multi-Threading In C++
  • You NEED to Learn To Use JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • How To Access Individual Character Elements Of A C++ String

What are the top C++ questions from C++ developers?

Here are the questions that answer in these post picks above,

  • What is Form (TForm) in C++ Builder?
  • How can I access to Form properties?
  • How can I change Form Color in VCL applications?
  • How can I get Form properties like title, position, size, etc?
  • Can I set a Transparent Color of a Form in VCL applications?
  • How can I do a transparent VCL application?
  • Which component is modern to print reports?
  • Is there an official component to create reports from databases?
  • What is FastReport?
  • How can I install FastReport?
  • What is a task?
  • What is a thread?
  • What do we mean by multi-tasking?
  • What is multi-threading?
  • Why do we need the TTask class?
  • Why do we need to use a thread?
  • How to implement tasks
  • How to implement a thread
  • Differences between a task and a thread
  • What are the differences between parallel programming and multi-tasking?
  • Can we use multi-threading when drawing?
  • What is JSON?
  • How we can test a JSON script?
  • How we can use JSON with C++ Builder?
  • Can we generate and parse JSON in C++ Builder?
  • How can I access a character of a string?
  • How can I use the at() method of strings?
  • Can I use front() and back() methods in std::string to access characters?

How to use C++ Builder in modern and professional ways

Lots of great posts this week. Here are our picks from LearnCPlusPlus.org,

We will add more topics about C++ in general and specific topics for the C++ Builder, Dev-C++, and for the other C++ compilers. Please keep following our LearnCPlusPlus.org website for the latest posts and updates. Feel free to comment and share with your colleagues, students, members – knowledge is power, and knowledge shared is empowering.

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