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This Is How To Store Cross Platform App Settings In JSON

Several older approaches to storing data related to program settings have been replaced by newer ones since the introduction of Delphi as the language kept pace with emerging modern ideas and practices. In general, examples of saving settings always followed the principles of the host operating system. This article looks into the various ways to store the settings for a cross platform app in the…
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Easy Serialization From Query To JSON

This is a set of features combined on a group of functions to help you work with JSON format, without had to write a bunch of classes and handles, perfect for people who work with integrated applications, such as web services host or client, or if your project requires NO…
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Delphi JOSE JWT Is A Powerful JSON Web Token Library For Delphi

Delphiimplementation of JWT (JSON Web Token) and the JOSE (JSON Object Signing and Encryption) specification suite. This library supports the JWS (JWE support is planned) compact serializations with several JOSE algorithms. What is JOSE JOSEis a standard that provides a general approach to signing and encryption of any content. JOSE consists of several RFC: JWT (JSON Web…
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Quickly Learn To Create And Use JSON-RPC With Modern Delphi MVC Framework

Many situations developers have a debate on REST vs JSON-RPC. Plenty of resources available in Internet to distinguish them. This is one among them and direct how to create and use JSON-RPC with Delphi MVC Framework quickly. REST: The Word REST is the Abbreviation of the Phase ‘RepresentationalStateTransfer’ is the Architectural Design Style and it is not a standard or…
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C++ Builder 10.2.2: DataSet Mapping to JSON for JavaScript client support

Introduction In C++Builder 10.2.2, Embarcadero has added a new component to the FireDAC BatchMove architecture, to support generating JSON data from database tables, in an easy and flexible way. RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder) has offered support for JSON in different ways and for a long time. From the JSON system unit (originally part of the DBX space) to the DataSnap table mapping (also via…
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