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Efficiently Serialize And Deserialize JSON In Your Delphi Projects With Third Party Neon Library

Neon is a JSON serialization library for Delphi. This is a project by Paolo Rossi who is also a man behind the another popular open-source Delphi project called Delphi JOSE JWT.

Neon is a serialization library for Delphi which helps you to convert (back and forth) objects and other values to JSON. It supports simple Delphi data types but also has complex class and records.

The library has already available for the latest version of Delphi.

Some of the best features of the Neon serialization library. Extensive configuration through INeonConfiguration interface:

  • Word case (UPPERCASE, lowercase, PascalCase, camelCase, snake_case)
  • CuStOM CAse (through anonymous method)
  • Member types (Fields, Properties)
  • Option to ignore the “F” if you choose to serialize the fields
  • Member visibility (private, protected, public, published)
  • Custom serializer registration
  • Use UTC date in serialization

Delphi Data Types support:

  • Basic types: string, Integer, Double, Boolean, TDateTime
  • Arrays of (basic types, records, classes, etc…)
  • Records with fields of (basic types, records, classes, arrays, etc…)
  • Classes with fields of (basic types, records, classes, arrays, etc…)
  • Generic lists
  • Dictionaries (key must be of type string)
  • Streamable classes
  • Custom serializers

Head over and check out the full source code and download the Neon library here!

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