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Quickly Build and Deploy A Complete REST/JSON Based Enterprise Business Application

Do you want build Mobile Solutions which require strong backend for enterprise focus, turn-key, cloud-ready, fast and easy deployment, with Apple and Google push notifications capabilities ? Finding the option or thinking to build from scratch for your Delphi/C++ Builder Applications? Don’t Worry. Embarcadero RAD Server (Enterprise Mobility Services) which solves your needs.

RAD Server( EMS): RAD Server offers a comprehensive solution including REST API, remote database access, users tracking, and analytics. Compared to a do-it-yourself model, in RAD Server you have a pre-built server with core capabilities in which you can plug custom packages.

You can create custom packages to expose datasets and plain REST resources, and easily embed the client code to access those resources in mobile and desktop applications.

RAD Server Features:

  • User management and authentication.
  • Loadable modules for custom APIs over REST.
  • Enterprise SQL database access through.
  • Mobile embedded and server side SQL data storage.
  • Push notifications -APNS and GCM.
  • Web console for user, device, and API analytics.

EMS is a multitier REST/JSON solution

  • EMS clients use REST API embedded secure database.
  • EMS servers hosts plug-in packages, uses EMS DB.
  • EMS packagaes can communicate with enterprise databases and cloud data.
  • Can be run as standalone or can use IIS.

DataSnap : The technology behind DataSnap has moved beyond the approach of remoting data through the Microsoft COM/DCOM to a more open communication approach based on TCP/IP. This evolution has allowed the DataSnap technology to expand its capabilities in order to include a complete middleware technology. A MiddleWare SDK for building multi-tier applications, works with standards-based infrastructures- TCP/IP, HTTP,HTTPS, REST,JSON and can build Windows based,

  • Forms Application(VCL/FMX)
  • Console Application
  • Service Application

DataSnap Features :

  • Communication between the client and the server, can be local host, the local network, or through the internet. Implementation of both Client and server can be in the same application.
  • Connectivity can be – TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS with full ability to do server class LifeCycle like Invocation,session,Server. Connection pooling Supported.
  • Server response can be sent in HTML format, using Webbroker.
  • Option to route the dat transfer through a tunnel
  • Callbacks – Broadcasting to a channel and notifying a specific callback
  • Communication filters API for encryption, data compression is available.
  • JSON data content as well as your own data back and forth.
  • DataSnap HTTP/HTTPS clients now use native library , no need to deploy openSSL client library.
  • Enhanced FireDACJSONReflect, now with data compression for better throughput
  • FDSchemaAdapter component can be used in DataSnap applications.
  • Datasnap wizard helps to create server application from scratch with five to seven steps depends on your Application Selection.

Check this Video for RAD Server and Data Snap Server from Introduction, Features, Demonstration, Comparison, Deployment Resources etc.

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