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C++ Builder 10.4.x Platform APIs

C++ Builder provides three levels of development: ⦁ Components (VCL and FMX) ⦁ Common Libraries (RTL). ⦁ Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS) In this post we will discuss and show how to use the Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS). Specifically, we’ll look at how to use the iOS APIs to obtain Apple iOS device information for the Operating System (OS) version, the OS name and the iOS…
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August 2020 GM Blog

This summer and the whole year are indeed strange. Our lives have changed in many ways, and many of those changes are here to stay. The importance of technology and the need to build reliable solutions fast is growing. Embarcadero is succeeding due to the strength of its…
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Enterprise Component Pack 2020 Details

Embarcadero has teamed up with some of our top Technology Partners to make an amazing Enterprise Component Pack for everyone upgrading to 10.4 Enterprise for a limited time. Upgrade today before time runs out. IPWorks WebSockets – IntraWeb 15 Personal – Devart’s SecureBridge – Special Edition of InstallAware – TwineCompile for C++Builder – Delphi Parser &#8211…
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Ignore Changes with Custom Managed Records

Handling the OnChange event handler on a TEdit is great until you programmatically change the text and trigger your OnChange event handler again. It gets really fun if you have two TEdit boxes that update each other in their OnChange event handler. I was reading Automate…

Updating RAD Studio 10.4 Sample to Fix LF Issue

There was a configuration issue in RAD Studio Sample GitHub Repository (https://github.com/Embarcadero/RADStudio10.4Demos), namely the fact the demos were configured with LF only (Line Feed), rather CR LF (Carriage Return and Life Feed) as the RAD Studio IDE expects. Compiling and running the demos works as expected, but if you edit them some of the editor helpers will get confused and so the…
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RAD Studio 10.4 Now Available, Learn More

We are very excited to announce the release of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney. RAD Studio 10.4 delivers significant improvements for Windows 10 VCL desktop development, Delphi multi-device development, and developer productivity that optimize application…

Embarcadero Open Source Project Sponsorship

Open source is a very important part of software development. As a creator of developer tools that makes open source important to us too. There is a huge variety of open source projects created with Delphi and C++Builder, both for the benefit of our developer community, and beyond. A few examples of popular Delphi powered open source projects: HeidiSQL is an incredibly popularclient…
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