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February 2021 GM Blog – 10.4.2, Delphi’s 26th & More!

feb 2021 gm update

These are exciting times! As vaccines advance and lockdowns ease, we are ready to get back to business. Like many of you, we never stopped. The hard work of our teams culminated in the release of 10.4.2 while advancing our many initiatives, as our collaboration with partners and the open-source community continues to grow. February is always special for us as we celebrate Delphi’s birthday—it is getting younger and younger!

RAD Studio 10.4.2 Released!

We just completed our first webinar for the release of RAD Studio 10.4.2. We had over 1,000 participants with questions lasting for hours across the three sessions. After editing the three sessions down, the replay is over four hours long to cover all the questions! There is fantastic enthusiasm around 10.4.2 that has our Product Management team pumped up to do more. This release gets the major 10.4 Sydney version to an excellent level of maturity, with the rate of upgrades nicely increasing. We love when customers are happy, but with a diverse product like RAD Studio, this can sometimes be challenging. We can never address all the quality issues we want to, but with over 600 issues addressed in this release (more than in 10.4.1), we are moving in the right direction. Right now there are plenty of excellent promotions to make 10.4.2 more accessible, so this is a perfect time to buy.

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Happy 26th Delphi!

We always take our time to celebrate Delphi’s birthday. I jokingly said earlier that Delphi is getting younger, and in a way it is. Delphi’s user base gets younger every day as more young people discover and fall in love with Delphi. Your confidence should be high! You have probably noticed that the amount of content in the community has exploded (see our blog & DelphiFeeds.) I want to highlight a couple of items that I love.

We teamed up with some MVPs to build a great whitepaper with a series of blog posts that benchmarks Delphi to other Windows solutions. Not surprisingly, Delphi did incredibly well. It is a great piece to share with skeptics, and they can reproduce the tests on their own.

dellphi project showcases 1426198

The other fun item is the Showcases Competition. It is always tough to get good case studies in the developer world, but looking at examples is so useful. We now have more than 200 showcases on the blog—and growing. This is a very organic effort, so I encourage you to submit your examples. Let’s inspire all these young developers and grow together.

More in GetIt Now

getit devices 4071616

Last quarter we introduced an online version of GetIt that aims to be a directory for available plug-ins for RAD Studio. While Google is a great resource to find these, having a dedicated and easy-to-navigate site is also very useful, and we have many different plugins and libraries. For example, RAD Studio is a very powerful tool in the gaming space as you can see from the many gaming showcases, yet finding all the tools necessary for building games is not easy. We continue to focus on making such resources easier to find, so you will see a lot more happening in this direction. We are highly reliant on our partners and MVPs to continue to improve the ecosystem, but we really rely on all of you to help us too.

More Dedicated Resources to Learning, C++, and InterBase

Kyle Wheeler

About a year ago, we brought Kyle Wheeler on board as our new General Manager under the Embarcadero brand. His goals are to increase focus on C++ and InterBase while helping synchronize efforts with Whole Tomato. If you’re not familiar with Whole Tomato, it is another Idera Dev Tools business, providing Visual Assist, one of the most popular C++ plugins for Visual Studio. Kyle continues to expand his role and has taken on a lot of the learning efforts for Delphi, working closely with Jim McKeeth and many others. Kyle will soon publish his own post to provide updates on his efforts.

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