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Enterprise-Grade Rich Text Editor Component For Windows With WYSIWYG Editing And Reporting Add-Ons

enterprise grade rich text editor vcl wysiwyg editing reporting add ons

TRichView Component is a set of native Delphi and C++ Builder VCL components for illustrating, editing, and printing complex rich text documents easily.

TRichView component suite offers a wide range of functionalities to create advanced text editors, web/help/book authoring applications, chats, and messengers. Moreover, if you need a high-quality hypertext user interface, the TRichView component can be handy.

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The best part is TRichView is completely written in Delphi, it does not require external files. Let’s explore some premium features that you can get from the TRichView component suite.

  • Custom fonts, colors, alignments, and indents
  • GIF animation, all the image formats
  • HTML support
  • Import & export databases
  • Special editing features
  • Printing with preview
  • Spell-checking
  • and more
embarcadero delphi vcl trichview demo 8052081

Be sure to head over and check out the TRichView Component Suite on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE.

trichview vcl delphi programming c builder programming 8109884

With the use of Windows IDE, you can integrate rich text editor components for windows with WYSIWYG editing and reporting add-ons. Try your Free Trial here.

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