Embarcadero Open Source Project Sponsorship

Open source is a very important part of software development. As a creator of developer tools that makes open source important to us too. There is a huge variety of open source projects created with Delphi and C++Builder, both for the benefit of our developer community, and beyond. A few examples of popular Delphi powered open source projects: HeidiSQL is an incredibly popularclient…
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VCL Per-Control Styles - New in RAD Studio 10.4

In the past, the VCL library allowed a developer to select one style (or no style) for the entire application.In10.4 the VCL library allows you to use multiple VCL styles at the same time in different forms of your applications, or even different controls of the…

Adopting the OpenJDK for Delphi Android Development

You may not know this, but Java comes in many flavors and parts. After Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, they became the official owner of the Java trademark and the main “official” Java distributions. First off a disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, nor am I a Java…

Get ready for the 10.4 Beta with Update Subscription

Update Subscription offers many benefits to our Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio customers. Besides key benefits such as access to updates, upgrades and technical support, we also invite our Update Subscription customers to participate in our beta program. Beta testers get early access to test drive new features, provide input throughout the beta cycle, and help shape the next product…
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