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From Bindings List to Visual LiveBindings

Having looked into Delphi’s expression engine, component bindings, and the bindings list component, we can now look at the easy and intuitive way to configure an application with dynamic bindings, the Visual LiveBindings design surface. Over the past few weeks, I blogged about Delphi’s expression engine, binding expressions and component, and the bindings list component. Now it is…
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Learn To Build A Powerful WhatsApp Chatbot With Twilio

Chatbots have managed to save huge amounts of time and money for the customer service industry. Increasingly, companies are creating chatbots using well-known and widely-used social media and communication apps, which have expanded their platforms to offer services specifically targeted at this kind of market. An example is WhatsApp and their WhatsApp Business API. In this post, we will create a…
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Powered By Delphi: Rapid Prime Numbers Calculator For Kids

I remember being taught Prime Numbers at school. I’m sure you, like me, were told “a prime number can only be divided by itself and one“. It was a lot to take in at that early age when we were all still learning how to tie shoelaces so they stayed tied and questioning why we had to eat our vegetables instead of just surviving on ice cream. How do you make Prime Numbers…
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