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Design Considerations for Multi-Platform Applications - CodeRage Replay

During my CodeRage session on Design Considerations for Multi-Platform Applications earlier this month, I covered the Dos and Don’ts of multi-device application development, common UI and UX paradigms, an overview of the FireUI Designer and how to create a modern settings and user profile screen, complete with native and custom theming. You can access the replay on EmbarcaderoAcademy.com.
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Hello JavaScript

Author: Bogdan Polak BSC Temporarily I have to break the theme of project architecture in Delphi. You have certainly heard that the Emabarcadero acquired Sencha (official press release).In addition to the fact that I love Delphi, I’m also a big fan of…

Webinar: Best Practices for Building Universal Web Applications with Sencha Ext JS & RAD Server

Historically, web developers have approached app development from the desktop first, and mobile was a secondary goal. Now with the extraordinary growth of mobile users across the globe, that approach is being reversed. Developers are building mobile first, and then making progressive enhancements so the app is available on desktop. No matter the design approach, as developers we should always…
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Server Maintenance and Future Enhancements

Please note that our online Docwiki, Embarcadero Forums, EDN Member Services and some of our support systems are currently not accessible. These systems were taken down for maintenance over the weekend when we identified some additional issues that we are resolving promptly.

Explaining Tasks in Delphi Parallel Library... by Creating too Many Tasks

Recently, I wrote some new demo for Delphi PPL (Parallel Programming Library), while doing some research for an online class — which is available since last week on the Embarcadero Academy site (“Anonymous Methods in Delphi“), along with a new overall bundle of my classes (“Master Modern Delphi Language Techniques“). In the past I’ve used different ways to…
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CodeRage XII: Amazon S3 and Cloud API

Author: Pawe Gowacki CodeRage XII was great! Plenty of contents and great fun. It was not the first time I have been doing a session on using Delphi Cloud API to integrate with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). This year I thought it would be cool to go a little bit…

Massive Collection Of Design Patterns, Frameworks, Components, And Language Features For Delphi

DeveloperbeNative over on GitHub has a project called Concepts which is a massive collection of Delphi modular demos featuring over twenty differentlanguage features, design patterns and some interresting frameworks, and components. A copy of all of the libraries the Concepts project depends on are included to reduce the hassle of installing them separately. The modular demos include…
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C++IDERAD Studio

What Is The Windows Software Development Kit?

What is a Software Development Kit? A Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the software required to build your applications for a specific target platform such as for Windows Development, macOS…