Make Your Apps Scalable and Web-Enabled

This blog post accompanies the webinarMake Your Apps Scalableand Web-Enabled – Leverage your Business Logic with a Fast Flexible Multi-Tier Architecture – Using RAD Server and REST Services. Create high performance, scalable applications by adopting a multi-tier architecture. By separating the UI/presentation layer, the server and the data layer, your apps will scale more…
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Webinar: Cool Apps and Case Studies

Author: Andreas@Mediatech Delphi and C++Builder are regularly used to build amazing software. Many of these are highlighted in the Cool Apps Contestor in our case studies. This webinar takes a look at some cool apps and case studies that highlight unique software and…
C++RAD Studio

Learn More About std::thread In Multi-Threading Apps

Hello C++ developers, last week we had Coding Bootcamp 2023 by Embarcadero, and Summer Code Fest 2023 by Whole Tomato, and even in heavy weeks like that, Ian Barker still kindly reviews my posts as we both try to keep adding new articles for you. Our educational web page is growing thanks to you, and we have many new readers, thanks to your support. The site features posts…
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C++IDERAD Studio

Learn To Develop C and C++ Apps in 2023

Hello everyone. If you want to learn C++ programming or you want to improve your skills, then perhaps 2023 is a good year to start learning C++. Every week we have a round-up of recent interesting posts on C++ and C topics from the LearnCPlusPlus website including very…

How To Create Enterprise iOS Apps, No App Store Required

Today (December 21st 2022) you can join us as we continue Embarcadero’s two-day Enterprise CodeRage event which focusses, as you might expect, on enterprise development topics using your favorite IDE software. I am presenting two sessions – this blog post describes the second session: Enterprise iOS apps, no app store required. The first session aired yesterday (December 20th 2022) and…
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How To Add The Wow Factor To Your Apps

It’s a lot of fun being an Embarcadero Delphi MVP. On behalf of Embarcadero, I get to demonstrate the benefits of what I think is the best application builder software you can choose to use. But I also get invited to speak at other conferences, webinars and events by a…
DelphiRAD StudioTech Partner

Keeping secrets on Amazon Web Services

Keeping secrets can be tricky. Thankfully, Amazon Web Services has several tools in its toolbox to help. Let’s start by talking about AWS Secrets Manager and then go on to show how you can work easily with Amazon secrets in your Delphi cross-platform apps. What is The AWS Secrets Manager? AWS Secrets Manager is exactly what it sounds like. Secrets Manager is the go-to place when you need…
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