Webinar Replay: Embeddable Databases for Mobile Apps: Stress-Free Solutions with InterBase

When it comes to developing mobile applications, keeping data on your device is a must-have feature, but can still be risky. With embedded InterBase, you can deploy high-performance multi-device applications that maintain 256-bit encryption, have a small footprint and need little, if any, administration. What can participants expect to learn: Using InterBase in your mobile apps is easier…
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Everything You Need To Create iOS Cross Platform Apps

Here are the slides and links for the “Everything you need to create iOS cross platform apps” webinar presented by Embarcadero MVP Ian Barker and Tech Partner and MVP Serge Pilko on 19th July 2022. Is there a replay of the “Everything You Need To Create iOS Cross Platform Apps” webinar? Yes, here is the YouTube replay of the webinar in full along with the Q & A…
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How To Build iOS Apps Without A Mac

To effectively answer how to build iOS apps without a Mac, we first need to know why some form of a Mac is always going to be necessary for a very small part of this process even though we discuss here how you can use a Windows computer to design and program macOS and iOS…
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How Can You Develop Apple Apps On Windows

So, what do you need for Apple app development on Windows? What if you could use a single IDE instead of combining different IDE software or tools from different vendors that will take more space and resources from your workstation, potentially all working in different ways which will add massively to your learning curve? What you need is a cross-platform development like Delphi which can create…
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10 Signs You Should Invest in Cross Platform Apps

Cross platform apps are becoming increasingly popular as they allow users to access their favorite apps and programs on multiple devices. If you are considering investing in cross platform app development, here are ten signs that it’s a good idea! How to determine…

How To Build Desktop Apps For Windows?

These days desktop applications have become quite popular due to many reasons such as better performance. Even though there are many platforms nowadays, Windows stands out from the others. Therefore most developers tend to first release their application to Windows. With the…

Do All Great C++ Apps Use Lambda Expressions?

Hello Dear C++ Developers, Do All Great C++ Apps Use Lambda Expressions? Here’s a great selection of post picks from LearnC++ and here on the Embarcadero blog to help you create C++ apps. We describe the pros and cons of C++ Lambda Expressions and take you through how and when to use this powerful C++ language construct. We explain fscanf usage in modern C++ with examples,. Fscanf can be…
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