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What You Need To Know About TabOrder And Cross Platform Apps

Developers often get requests to create forms where it is crucial to pay attention to the position of a cursor after the Tab key is pressed at every point of the program execution. This can be particularly important when developing cross platform apps where following user’s expectations of how user interfaces should behave can help make your app seem professional. It can be important from…
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Top 10 Webinars: C++ And C++Builder

IF C++ and C++Builder are part of your development repertoire (and even if they aren’t), we invite you to enjoy our top 10 webinars around both, plus a bonus video with a rather influential figure in the history of C++ (scroll to the bottom to find out who it…

Introducing RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria [Webinar Replay]

RAD Studio 11.1 is the next release of all our favorite development tools. Join Marco Cantu, David Millington, Kyle Wheeler, and Jim McKeeth for this webinar to take a look at what is new in RAD Studio Alexandria 11.1. A must see webinar for all fans of Delphi, C++Builder…
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What Is The Best Web Scraping Library For Development On Windows?

Did you know it’s easy to make use of some truly excellent Python libraries to super-charge your Delphi app development on Windows? Adding Python to your toolbox of Delphi code can enhance your app development, bringing in new capabilities which help you provide innovative and powerful solutions to your app’s users, which combine the best of Python with the supreme low-code and unparalleled…
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5 Ways To Make Use Of AI In Your Windows And Mobile Apps

AI is one of the most significant trends in the app development industry. We can witness that artificial intelligence is coursing into every regular activity of ours whether it is medicine, finance, production, cyber security through mobile and desktop applications. In…

This Is How To Improve the Performance of .NET Apps

Microsoft’s .Net is one of the most popular technologies used by businesses to power mission-critical digital services. Millions of developers use C#, ASP.Net, etc., to develop different types of widely used software solutions, primarily for Windows development. Solutions which use .Net range from Windows client applications, database applications, XML web services to niche corporate…
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Everything You Need To Use REST In Your Apps Now

What is REST and why should I learn more about it? REST is a type of software architecture that was designed to ensure interoperability between different Internet computer systems. Basically, the idea is that services that comply with REST architecture can more easily communicate with one another, whether you are designing mobile apps, Linux, macOS, or purely Native Windows Development. REST…
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