Get To Know This Industry-Leading Mobile Lighting Delphi App

MyInterface is the deceptively simple yet powerful client application for the industry-leading LightFactory system from New Zealand developer Dream Solutions Limited. The MyInterface app, which is written using the excellent cross-platform features of the RAD Studio Delphi Firemonkey FMX framework, runs on iOS and Android devices. Dream Solutions say, “This app connects to LightFactory…
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More VCL Support for Windows 11

With the official release of Windows 11, Embarcadero has made some specific VCL styles, and I’m offering some coding helpers specific to the new version of the Microsoft desktop OS. More will come over time. After the announcement earlier this year, Microsoft…

What Are C++ Live Data Bindings, Charts And Vectors?

Hello C++ Developers, C++ Builder has a lot of specific great features for handling and linking to data as well as different ways to visualize what you’ve retrieved. You can use visual bindings on the standard components or you can use it with data components as a…
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The Inexorable Rise Of The Supercharged Developer

Over time, software development has experienced a major drift not just in implementation, but in terms of the mindset as well. Back in the day, the engineering teams had clear, specific, and defined roles. The individuals in the team were expected to perform their part of the duty with minimalistic involvement and participation in other fields. Now that we are living in an agile world…
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The 5 Best Reasons Why Security First Is A Good Idea

Balancing data privacy and security with user experience is one of the most complex tasks for software developers. Many projects have higher priority for business functionality and security-related tasks are lower priority which leads to an insecure system. Here are some of the reasons why putting security at the forefront of our designs and development is critical, as well as how to…
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More On Using C++ Builder Path Manipulation Routines

Hello C++ Developers, This week is another great week. The new RAD Studio 11, C++ Builder 11, Delphi 11 are released with great new features and according to our tests on the most of examples of are working well with the latest RADS 11. If you are…

The Best C++ Posts For New Windows Developers This Week

Hello C++ Developers, We have new C++ posts with examples that can be used in your Windows applications. These examples are specifically for a C++ IDE. The same commands exist for the Delphi programming language. While the examples are focused on Windows applications, some of these examples can be used in your Mobile application. These can be used in modern applications and help to extend your…
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