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Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events in February


February is a big month for Delphi and Embarcadero. Delphi was first introduced to the world on Valentine’s day 28 years ago, and has evolved with the times with every passing year since then. We always have good cause to celebrate every February, but this year we’ve got a triple whammy plus a surprise in the works.

Read on to find out what you can expect in February.

Delphi’s 28th Anniversary

On 14 February Delphi will be celebrating its 28th anniversary, looking to the future as a market-leading framework for enterprise-grade applications with an enduring and appealing value proposition in an industry evolving at breakneck pace.

As a toolset and framework, Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio have consistently evolved with the times. In the hands of Embarcadero’s product managers and the company’s commitment to excellence, RAD Studio has always been and remains one of the best possible software development investment options in the market.

28 Years of Delphi


Delphi’s 28th anniversary also coincides with DelphiCon2023, extending from 14 to 16 February, with an impressive lineup of Embarcadero staff, MVPs, tech partners and software luminaries hosted by Embarcadero Chief Developer Advocate Jim McKeeth and an equally impressive agenda.

DelphiCon is the celebration of all things Delphi, and an opportunity to look closely at the best of Delphi today and tomorrow. That includes the latest components, books, plugins, and libraries that will make you a better developer.









Here’s the schedule for three days of DelphiCon2023:

Sessions: Day 1

Looking Forward with Modern Delphi (Jim McKeeth, Marco Cantu, David Millington, Kyle Wheeler, Stephen Ball)
User Interface Design with Actions (Ray Konopka)
NX Horizon – The Open Source Event Bus for Delphi (Dalija Prasnikar)
Every App Trick in the Book (Ian Barker)
When Delphi reaches the Cloud! (Dion Mai)
Visualize Data from FireDAC on Maps with Delphi and TMS FNC Maps (Dr. Holger Flic)

Sessions: Day 2

Spice Up Your Apps with Animations (Ray Konopka)
Creating LibreOffice Documents in Delphi (Daniel Fernandes)
How we Used Delphi as a Weapon in a Real Fight – and Won! (Ian Barker)
Evolution of FastReport VCL – Cool features highlight (Denis Zubov)
Delphi and AI (Olaf Monien)
Demystifying Domain-Driven Design(DDD) In Delphi (Gustavo Mena Barreto)
Integrating your apps with Alexa devices (Kivian Cristaldo Emerim)
QR Code Case Study – Gate System Arab Diploma (Ziad Allaghi)

Sessions: Day 3

Using Ntfy to send and receive push notifications (Samuel Rosa de Oliveira)
Avoiding Memory Leaks and Dealing with Delphi Exceptions (Maico Dal Ri)
Delphi + OpenAI: A Blessing or a curse? (Marco Geuze)
Advanced Visual Effects (Jim McKeeth)
Git, Demystified (Rich Dudley)
Getting Physical in Your Games with Castle Game Engine (Michalis Kamburelis)

Don’t miss DelphiCon 2023! Click the link to save your seat for all the sessions.

Save my Seat for DelphiCon2023


RAD Studio 11.3 Release

Are you ready for the next edition of RAD Studio? A quality-focused release full of exciting new features, RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria is coming!

RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria brings quality improvements that encompass all areas of the product, including Delphi Code Insight, the High DPI IDE, and VCL styles. There are also enhancements to the compilers and toolchains, the RTL, FireMonkey, and FireDAC.

Click the image or the link below to save your seat for the launch webinar! 

RAD Studio 113







Save My Seat for the 11.3 Launch Webinar


Don’t Forget to Check Our Website Design Update!

Just in case you missed it, we’ve also updated the design of the Embarcadero website with a new look and feel. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Show me the New Website Design


The Delphi Innovation Timeline Infographic

Want to explore the history of Delphi and software development? This time last year we published Delphi 27th Anniversary “Information Technology Innovation Timeline” infographic, which traces the evolution of computer languages other than Delphi and Object Pascal, from the early days of Python, Visual Basic and HTML to the latest versions of Java, Swift, C# and C++; the evolution of mobile devices, from the Motorola StarTAC, released in 1996 to the Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 13; the advent of new operating systems like iOS and Android; and the evolution of browsers like Chrome and Edge, and the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can still download the huge free Delphi Innovation Timeline infographic we published last year to mark Delphi’s birthday. Click the image or the link to get it.

Get The Delphi Innovation Timeline Infographic


February is gearing up to be a very exciting month! Sign up for all our events, mark your calendar and join us as we celebrate 28 years of Delphi!

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