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Webinar Replay: Embeddable Databases for Mobile Apps: Stress-Free Solutions with InterBase

When it comes to developing mobile applications, keeping data on your device is a must-have feature, but can still be risky. With embedded InterBase, you can deploy high-performance multi-device applications that maintain 256-bit encryption, have a small footprint and need little, if any, administration. 

What can participants expect to learn: Using InterBase in your mobile apps is easier than you may expect. Learn to develop mobile applications using InterBase, and how to take advantage of some of the convenient features about InterBase like Change Views and 256-bit security.

Join Mary Kelly, InterBase Engineer & RAD Software Consultant, and Jim McKeeth, Chief Developer Advocate & Engineer, for this webinar replay.



Embeddable Databases for Mobile Apps: Stress-Free Solutions with InterBase on SlideShare 

Useful links

Creating a Change View

When in IBConsole, click on Subscriptions and Create Subscription adding in details or in ISQL add the following code changing your tables names:

Privileges for accessing tables



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