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Webinar: Cool Apps and Case Studies

Author: Andreas@Mediatech

 Delphi and C++Builder are regularly used to build amazing software. Many of these are highlighted in the Cool Apps Contest or in our case studies. This webinar takes a look at some cool apps and case studies that highlight unique software and useful lesson learned using Embarcadero development tools. Hosted by Embarcadero’s lead developer Evangelist and Engineer, Jim McKeeth.

Some recent cool apps and case studies


  • Internal alpha started in QT
  • Slow progress and poor UI
  • Switched to Delphi “…most productive, fastest, efficient way to build our app … also getting very good UX on MSWin platform.”
  • A combination of Delphi and C++
  • Source: Toivo Annus & Ahti Heinla via Quora  

Lessons Learned from Skype

  • Very productive for native user interfaces
  • Easy to combine with other libraries and technologies
    • Use each technology for its strength 
    • Combine efforts from different teams
    • Leverage existing libraries
  • Continues to work for many years, through multiple teams

Lessons Learned from Eric of Digifort

Some tools used with 1Password

  • Windows version written in Delphi. The other platforms were developed before Delphi supported them.
  • Even the browser plugin for Windows is written in Delphi
  • Uses a large variety of security libraries for maximum security
  • Security white paper bottom of page
  • More on components 
  • EurekaLog
    — For diagnostics reporting – www.eurekalog.com 
    • Automatically traps unhanded exceptions, hangs and leaks, creating a stack trace and bug report.
  • FinalBuilder — For build management – www.finalbuilder.com 
    • Reproducible and automated build process
    • Continuous integration and source control integration
  • Inno Setup — The installation wizard – www.jrsoftware.org
    • Automated installation and uninstallation packager
    • IDE Integration available with www.rad-installer.com 



  • Shares 97% of the code between iOS, Windows and macOS
  • iPad app uses TMS iCL native components
  • Makes use of custom FireMonkey controls 
  • iPad app also uses SQLite (FireDAC), SSL, In-App purchases, XML and Indy components
  • Tools used in development
  • CnPack – collection of IDE wizards similar to GExperts
  • ModelMakerExpress
    • Structural highlighting
    • Productivity enhancements
    • Refactorings
    • Class editor


Where is Delphi used?


  • EVERYWHERE! All types of apps
  • Especially common in vertical markets and enterprise development
  • Popular choice by ISVs & members of ASP
  • Frequently used by non-developers to create software to “scratch an itch”


When C++Builder vs. Delphi?


  • C++ is especially popular in industrial automation settings
  • Sometimes it is a regional preference
  • C++ is popular when reusing existing C++ code, especially in graphics processing
  • Generally it comes down to taste

Final Notes


  • Most apps use a combination of 3rd party components and custom components
    • Open source components get a lot of use too
  • It is always nice to have an IDE add-in to improve and customize your build process
  • Everyone should be using source control
  • Delphi & C++Builder give your code a longer life and greater reach
  • Integrate with other tools, libraries and APIs as needed
  • Pay attention to the details!
  • Look at 3rd party libraries – someone has probably already faced the same problem
  • Get really familiar with the Parallel Programming Library – it can increase your app performance and responsiveness
  • Think about your architecture for maintainable code
  • Rapid App Development (RAD) is great for prototyping, and the prototype can become the product
  • Use community.Embarcadero.com 

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