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C++ Builder 10.4.x Platform APIs

C++ Builder provides three levels of development: ⦁ Components (VCL and FMX) ⦁ Common Libraries (RTL). ⦁ Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS) In this post we will discuss and show how to use the Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS). Specifically, we’ll look at how to use the iOS APIs to obtain Apple iOS device information for the Operating System (OS) version, the OS name and the iOS…
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New for Delphi Code Insight in 10.4.1

Delphi 10.4.1 is a quality-focused release, and this goes for code completion too! As well as helping you mimic classic code completion behaviour, we’ve fixed and tweaked many items. When RAD Studio 10.4 was released, we redesigned Code Insight. While old…

C++ Builder; Common Libraries (Run Time Library), Parallel Programming Library.​

C++ Builder provides three levels of development:1. Components (VCL and FMX)2. Common Libraries (RTL).3. Platform APIs (iOS, Android, Mac OS)In this post we will discuss the Common Libraries (RTL).C++ Builder has several hundred functions, macros, and classes that you call from within your C and C++ programs to perform a wide variety of tasks, including low- and high-level I/O, string and file…
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New Modern InstantSolutions for Delphi on Windows

Ethea has created a sophisticated application builder framework, which allows you to create quality software apps quickly with a user interface that can be customized and adapted to customer needs in easy and fast way. Delphi developers will find in InstantSolutions an effective and fast tool to quickly create Windows Client / Server applications, with a modern user interface and high-performance…
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RAD Studio 10.4 Patches

We have released three patches for RAD Studio 10.4. They can be found in the GetIt Package Manager in the IDE or on the IDE Welcome Page and can also separately be downloaded through the new download portal or CodeCentral. The patches are designed to be installed in…
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Powerful and Flexible CodeSite IDE Tooling for RAD Studio on Windows

The CodeSite Logging System gives developers deeper insight into how their code is executing, enabling them to locate problems more quickly and monitor how well their code is performing. Developers instrument their code using CodeSite loggers which send CodeSite messages to a live display or log file during program execution. All kinds of information can be encoded in a CodeSite message, and the…
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