This Is How To Protect Your Source Code from Hackers

Nowadays, hackers are using all sorts of advanced tools and technologies to access and analyze your source code. They can extract sensitive information and add malicious code to your IDE Software. Furthermore, if your application is compromised and hosts malicious code, then at best your reputation with your users is severely diminished and at worst you might even find yourself at the end of a…
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DelphiIDERAD Studio

And Delphi, huh?

That was the theme of a live I watched… “And Delphi, huh???” For those who follow the evolution of the tool over the years, especially since Embarcadero, everything that has happened is very clear. But for those who are not part of this group, the question is extremely pertinent. I became an admirer It was through a live that I got to know, I immediately became an admirer of the creator of…
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CodeDelphiRAD Studio

7 Ways To Interact With Internet Protocols You Should Know

In this article, you will learn what an internet protocol is, why use Python to interact with internet protocols, how to use Python Windows GUI Builder to add features and functionalities to Python, how to use Python libraries to interact with internet protocols and supports, how to get started with Python4Delphi, and much more. What is the Internet Protocol? The Internet Protocol is…
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This Exciting Game Score Application Is Built In Delphi

The versatility and reliability of Delphi along with its ease of use and cross-platform capabilities means there are apps everywhere that are written using it. We’ve seen everything from fun games like the hilarious Good Cat Bad Cat to life-or-death utilities like the impressive E6B flight computer. RAD Studio’s powerful development environment when coupled with the comprehensive…
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