Magnificent Fitting Program Software Is Made In Delphi

FittingKVdm is an easy-to-use iterative curve fitting program with a uniquely improved algorithm: ‘multidirectional regression analysis’. The software teaches students an understanding of why the Body Mass Index was always defined wrongly as m/h² instead of m/h³. The software includes real life educational examples. You can download the software and try it free for 25 day by…
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Developer Stories: Giuseppe Massimo Pinto Talks About His Application Metrodrummer 2

Giuseppe Massimo Pinto has been programming for about four years now. His application (Metrodrummer 2) was one of the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge entries and we asked for his insights on programming with Delphi. Download Metrodrummer 2  to experience the application. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and how long have you been using it? I”m starting using delphi from about…
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Connecting Databases with FireDAC through SSH

A customer recently asked me if FireDAC can be used to connect to a database through an SSH tunnel. The short answer is yes, of course. But let’s understand better what is an SSH tunnel, and how this goal can be easily achieved when using Delphi and FireDAC. SSH Tunnels Secure Shell (ssh) is a standard tool included on most “network” operating systems i.e. Linux, UNIX, MacOS, and…
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