Remarkable Educational Programming Tool Displays Delphi Flexibility

devFlowcharter is a small, freeware application written in Delphi. Its main goal is to be a straightforward, educational tool for use during structural programming classes. In devFlowcharter, you create flowcharts using a user-friendly but powerful drawing engine, generate source code, compile with an external compiler and finally execute. At the moment Pascal, C, TI-BASIC, Java, and Python are…
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fotoARRAY Is An Amazing Image Manager For Easier Photo Browsing And It Is Made In Delphi

fotoARRAY is a specialized database program that allows you to browse and organize large numbers of images and is similar to a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) and it is made in Delphi. fotoARRAY will let you access, view, organize and export images quickly and easily.   Browsing through your photo archive with fotoARRAY is a pleasure. If you haven’t deleted extra or unwanted shots…
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Quickly Integrate Powerful Cloud Services Into Your Delphi Windows Projects

TMS VCL Cloud pack is a set of VCL components that let you connect dozens of different cloud services within a few steps. With the TMS VCL Cloud pack you can integrate with Google, Microsoft, iCloud, DropBox, PayPal, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yandex Disk, Amazon, Twilio, Flickr, and many more. Check out the video: Here is an example of…
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Easily Monitor CPU Usage Effectively From Your Delphi Windows Apps With This Powerful Component Suite

Monitoring CPU usage becomes essential use case in some of the applications. Don’t know how to monitor the CPU usage in your Delphi Applications? Don’t worry.MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to Monitor CPU usage easily and we will learn how to use the thread TPerfMonThread in this post. Platforms:Windows. Installation…
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