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Powerful Real-Time Retail Dashboard App is Powered by Delphi


RunIt Pulse mobile app provides owners and managers of retail chains with a real-time “on-the-go” dashboard and it’s made possible by the perfect partnership of Delphi coupled with developer skill.  This powerful and featured-packed app allows them to view critical, real-time metrics about their stores.  Written by Run It Systems based in New York, the app is available on just about any kind of hardware users might need including Windows, maxOS, iOS and Android.

Also, Run It targets a number of different types of hardware too not only desktops and laptops but also tablets and mobile phones.  In fact, wherever Run It’s users are or whatever they are doing they can have a retail dashboard at their fingertips updated in real-time.

Real time RunIt Pulse website
RunIt Systems Website

What sort of real-time data can RunIt Pulse display?

RunIt Systems tell us the real-time RunIt Pulse allows the user to view:

  • The latest sales statistics, broken down by store
  • Number of receipts, voids etc.
  • Top selling items, including on-hand and on-order
  • Sales results by employee
  • Sales trending graphs

Google Play

RunIt Pulse

Apple App Store

‎RunIt Pulse on the App Store

Screenshot Gallery

Real time RunIt Pulse Screen 1
Real time RunIt Pulse Screen 2
Real time RunIt Pulse Screen 3
Real time RunIt Pulse Screen 4
Real time RunIt Pulse Screen 5
Real time RunIt Pulse hero image

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