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Incredible Real-Time Mobile App Is Built With Delphi


The OCEASet™ real-time mobile application is the companion tool for configuring the OCEABridge™ Bluetooth®/Cloud gateway. OCEABridge™ is a gateway device that provides a transparent link between customer’s local Emerald™ or Atlas™ dataloggers and the OCEASOFT Cloud service via the Internet. Readings are taken in real-time by dataloggers and are captured wirelessly and automatically by OCEABridge™.  The readings are forwarded to the Cloud for monitoring and reporting.

What kind of real-time data can be captured?

According to OCEASoft’s website the apps provide:

  • Wireless data logger communication with Bluetooth
  • Configurable data logging start time
  • Definable high and low limits, with delays
  • Fast access to readings, events, and alarms
  • Automatic data transfer to OCEASOFT’s secure OCEACloud platform
  • Values displayed in °C or °F, in GMT or local time
  • Generates e-mail with mission report and attached CSV file with all information
  • Download complete reports in PDF, XLS, and CSV format

The apps are written using RAD Studio’s Delphi with the Firemonkey cross-platform capabilities and this means they’re available on both iOS and Android.



iOS App Store

‎OCEASet on the App Store (apple.com)

Google Play


Screenshot Gallery

OCEASet Real Time Mobile App
OCEASet Real Time Mobile App WIFI screen
OCEASet Real Time Mobile App WIFI choices
OCEASet Real Time Mobile App configuration screen
OCEASet Real Time Mobile App main screen
OCEASet Real Time Mobile App About Screen
OCEASet Real Time Mobile App Hero Image

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