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Incredible Real-Time Mobile App Is Built With Delphi


The OCEASet™ real-time mobile application is the companion tool for configuring the OCEABridge™ Bluetooth®/Cloud gateway. OCEABridge™ is a gateway device that provides a transparent link between customer’s local Emerald™ or Atlas™ dataloggers and the OCEASOFT Cloud service via the Internet. Readings are taken in real-time by dataloggers and are captured wirelessly and automatically by OCEABridge™.  The readings are forwarded to the Cloud for monitoring and reporting.

What kind of real-time data can be captured?

According to OCEASoft’s website the apps provide:

  • Wireless data logger communication with Bluetooth
  • Configurable data logging start time
  • Definable high and low limits, with delays
  • Fast access to readings, events, and alarms
  • Automatic data transfer to OCEASOFT’s secure OCEACloud platform
  • Values displayed in °C or °F, in GMT or local time
  • Generates e-mail with mission report and attached CSV file with all information
  • Download complete reports in PDF, XLS, and CSV format

The apps are written using RAD Studio’s Delphi with the Firemonkey cross-platform capabilities and this means they’re available on both iOS and Android.



iOS App Store

‎OCEASet on the App Store (apple.com)

Google Play


Screenshot Gallery

OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App
OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App WIFI screen
OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App WIFI choices
OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App configuration screen
OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App main screen
OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App About Screen
OCEASet Real-Time Mobile App Hero Image

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