What is Automation And Why Does It Matter Right Now?

So, you’ve heard a few things about processes and workflows getting automated here and there, and perhaps you’re wondering what it is, and why it’s receiving so much traction, or why does it even matter? You’re not alone. Many developers, who don’t particularly understand what automation is, resist adopting it as part of their development process, often not realizing that their IDE…
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5 Apps To Help You Manage Your Automation

Advances in control system technology and robotic process automation software are changing how enterprises view and manage business processes and workflows. From improved asset utilization, faster process completion, to real-time data access, automation opportunities are…
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9 Signs You Should Invest in Automation

In today’s economy, efficiency, speed, and productivity are key to prolonged success. However, many businesses still waste precious time and resources running manual processes that can be automated. Knowing when it’s time to automate specific manual processes can be pivotal to the growth and success of your business. Three pieces of software that can help your business become more productive…
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Artificial Intelligence: Expectations vs. Reality

Let’s face it; we humans can be drawn to exaggerate and over-generalize when it comes to modern technology, especially during its early-adoption, nascent phases. This is understandable, many major tech introductions have the potential to change the way the world works…