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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Windows App Development?

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Windows App Development

Windows 11 marks a visual evolution of the Windows operating system. As Windows moves forward, customers set a higher bar for desktop applications and massive demand for Windows app development. These customer expectations can be:

  • Good performance on the low-cost app
  • Native app user experience
  • Complete matching with the latest design principles
  • Support for modern window features like window snaps
  • Support for shell integration or other native features support
  • Easy to distribute on Microsoft Store
  • Easy access to Windows App SDK or any other native libraries

Great applications always meet these requirements. 

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Embarcadero Delphi

Are you taking the right steps to build visually appealing modern Windows 11 Apps?

While there are dozens of different technologies to build Windows applications, only a few of them offers all these capabilities built-in. For instance, Microsoft offers tools to make modern Windows apps with all the recent updates and features. But there is one more leading technology that has been thriving in Windows desktop development for more than 27 years now by providing the latest and freshest features and a unique graphical user interface development platform. It is Embarcadero Delphi!

Since the beginning of Delphi with its Visual Component Library, it has been thriving in the Windows desktop app development industry. It offers hundreds of visual and non-visual components to build apps 5x or 10x faster than other GUI development tools.

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Delphi Cross-Platform Native App Development

Are you using the latest Common Controls for Windows app development?

Windows 11 brings beautiful UI innovations. By using new standard controls, you get the benefits of compatibility and accessibility for free. With Delphi and Visual Component Library, you can efficiently utilize modern controls. There are dozens of styles to quickly turn your futuristic UI to Windows 11 UI or even something unique.

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2D & 3D Game Development with Delphi

Why should you select Delphi for Windows app development?

Delphi and its RAD Studio IDE profoundly improve developer productivity and product time-to-market. Not only that, developing one codebase to reach every desktop and mobile platform streamlines successive escapes and product maintenance. Delphi with Visual Component Library and FireMonkey framework gives you the best environment to quickly build any application, not only for Windows app development but also for cross-platform to Macs, iPhones, iPads, Linux computers and more. 

WPF with the .NET framework offers small teams native entry to Windows applications and solid IDE but struggles to match Delphi’s productivity, IP security, and performance. Also, when you compare Electron, it gives a free alternative to Delphi and WPF and cross-platform capability like Delphi. Still, when it comes to productivity and security, it misses Delphi.

Find out which is the best technology for Desktop Platform

Moreover, according to that research paper, Delphi’s build time is better than Electron and WPF .NET for database connectivity. Besides, there is a clear indication that Delphi’s FireDAC database engine and network tools abstract layers of operations better than NodeJS, reducing developer effort and opportunities for error.

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  • delphi wpf electron 4 metric chart

Are you using the best UI framework for Windows 11 Development?

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Compared to Microsoft’s technology stack, like C# WPF, or UWP, going with Delphi FireMonkey is one of the most reliable ones. It is not that they are unreliable, but they have a different approach to building the blocks and technologies as FireMonkey thrives in both architecture and development processes with high productivity.     

For instance, WinForms is excellent, but it is hard to extend or change the theme. WPF and UWP are extremely poor or unreliable but with specific winning points. Electron does not give you the native experience easily and consumes more memory than these technologies.

Delphi’s FireMonkey has one of the most outstanding cross-platform native app development architecture. FireMonkey apps leverage the full power of today’s hardware with native CPU performance and GPU-powered visuals on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. With FireMonkey, you get performance and responsiveness that you can’t get from virtual machine runtimes or dynamic languages.

If you want to be able to write professional applications and you want to do it as quickly as possible with the least effort, then Delphi and RAD Studio are the way to go. The best thing about the Delphi and RAD Studio ecosystem is that many components are available, including a massive pool of third-party components and libraries.

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To point out that, Microsoft’s newest technology called WinUI 3 and MAUI are promising a great environment, but they are still in preview and similar to FireMonkey’s architecture which is already mature and stable in all ways.

Are you doing everything the hard way?

Stop working so hard! Go with the easy-to-use VCL or FireMonkey FMX framework and benefit from several decades of reliable tools in your hand to build your next compelling project which produces rock-solid apps with superb, no compromise native performance.

  • FireMonkey if you’re going to cross-platform
  • VCL for an authentic, close-to-the-metal experience
  • Delphi 11 Alexandria has the most optimum experience
  • New Delphi styles added explicitly for Windows 11

Be sure to check out this latest webinar by one of the popular Embarcadero Delphi MVPs – Ian Barker. 

Build Native Apps 5x Faster With One Codebase – For Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Windows App Development An image of a Delphi gladiator

When you use Delphi, you only need to write the app once for all the platforms, so one team and one code base for all the platforms. Moreover, when it comes to IDE experience and build/compile-time, Delphi compiles super fast, which means you have less time to slack off. For instance, a real customer experience: 1.2 million lines of Delphi code with thousands of units takes about 4 seconds to compile.

Not everyone understands the value of the RAD Studio ecosystem (Delphi, C++ Builder, InterBase, RAD Server). Those who have been in IT for a long time appreciate the security and performance in the systems. When you look into the tutorials, everyone uses new tools or frameworks with 10K or 50K stars on GitHub and has 500-3000 issues listed waiting for bug fixes. Moreover, if their architecture changes, you should also re-architect your whole project with this means not much appreciation for the individuals who rely on those technologies.

Why not just stop for a minute and see what real software developers are doing when they develop software? Explore and discover other experienced engineers, what topics they follow, and their thoughts on what they think are the best long-term options. For instance, follow our TCoffeeAndCode video blogs to keep up with trends in software development, technology topics, and what you can achieve with the RAD Studio ecosystem.

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