Learn How To Build Powerful User Interfaces With Delphi FireMonkey In This Bootcamp Replay

Once you learn how to create compelling user interfaces with the FireMonkey you start feeling the power of the FireMonkey. In this video, you can learn the concepts of FireMonkey which helps you to think wider with the FireMonkey. Here are the basics of the FireMonkey: Anything can be nestedSee ClipChildrenMost numeric properties are single & animatablePosition, RotationCenter…
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Speed Up Delphi Code By Up To 200x With MtxVec Library By Dew Research

This CodeRage session by Janez Atmapuri Makovsek shows how you can use the MtxVec library to speed up the Delphi code by 200x. The key concept is here, once you get the data to the right memory hierarchy level, you need instructions that take advantage of the available memory bandwidth. Only possible with AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions)Instruction Set and CPU cache rely on the…
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C++17 On Windows 10 With The C++ Builder

As you know from C++ Builder 10.3, we have support for the modern C++ 17 version. Here you can see the C++ 17 supportchart. In this CodeRage session, Dion Mai shows demo applications in action. You can find out how you can use the new C++ 17 functions and an updated…
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Convert Java Class Files and .jar Archive Files into Delphi Modules Using the Java4Delphi Tool

Intro Java4Delphi converter tool helps to convert Java .class files and Java .jar archives to Delphi .pas files. So, Java classes and libraries can be used from Delphi projects easily. Java4Delphi by WINSOFT is a commercial tool and gives all the functionalities when you get a license. All the source code of JNI and Delphi4Java units will be included in it. The best thing about this tool…
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