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Learn How To Master Delphi FireMonkey Animations In An Hour With This Video Tutorial!

FireMonkey is one of the best cross-platform application development framework. You get everything and, also you can build your custom components with it. 

In this webinar, Ray Konopka, who is the master component designer, demonstrates how to extend your cross-platform FireMonkey designs with custom animation and transition. 


  • FMX Animation Core Concepts
    • Animating Properties
    • Animation Classes
    • Animation Triggers
    • Interpolation & AnimationType
  • Synchronized Animation
  • Tab Transition

These are what you can learn from this webinar. Once you learn the foundations of animating components. You can learn a pretty powerful technique that synchronizing animations.

 Core Concepts of Animating

  • FMX Animations based on the principle of changing property values over time.
    • Position
    • Size
    • Opacity
    • Rotation Angle
    • Color

Moreover, Floating point property values allow for smoother animations.

Animation Classes – Between a Start Value & End Value

  • TIntAnimation
  • TFloatAnimation
  • TColorAnimation
  • TGradientAnimation
  • TRectAnimation
  • TBitmapAnimation

Animate between a series of values

  • TFloatKeyAnimation
  • TColorKeyAnimation
  • TPathAnimation

Stepping through a list of values

  • TBitmapListAnimation

Be sure to check out the full webinar. You can find out more information and concepts on animating controls!

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